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The main reason you visit this site today is because you like to turn your passion into money. Yes, you are in the right place, we are here to guide you in making profits out of soccer betting.

Welcome to, the source that connects you with the professionals located in various part of Europe. Our services are not for the ones that dream they will get rich over night by sport betting. Most of our customers are people who reached a certain maturity as bettors and they know that betting is all about long-term winners.


soccer betting expert

About has more than 25 years of operating experience in the soccer betting field. We understands that many punters are out searching for the reliable resources to have a consistent yet stable profit in soccer betting. Whether you are a casual punter, or you are a professional punter - is the company you have been searching for. We are linked with over 24 betting rings across Asia and Europe. Each picks are carefully handpicked by the betting rings. In order to ensure the reliability and the accuracy of the picks, we have a special team who specializes in Asian handicap odds movement who then filter out any unusual movement of odds before finally releasing it to our valued clients. We are confident to say that we can change your soccer betting experience here TODAY! We analyze, you win!

Soccer match fixing has become a massive worldwide crime, on par with drug trafficking, prostitution and the trade in illegal weapons. As in those criminal enterprises, the match-fixing industry has been driven by opportunistic greed. According to Interpol figures, sports betting has ballooned into a $1 trillion industry, 70 percent of which is gambled on soccer. The explosive growth reflects the rise of online gambling, which has turned local bookies into global merchants, flooded by money from every continent. Asian bookmakers alone see a $2 billion weekly turnover. If you are curious about those sources and seriously thinking about this as your dream investment, then wait no longer! is able to directly link you to the syndicates. We provide deadly betting informations from the soccer betting rings across Europe and Asia. Join us today and experience how you can win your bets day in day out!

expert betting tips


  • expert betting tips 500 / TIP

    Asian Handicap Experts

    Average odds of 1.80 based on Asian Handicap.
    Average winning rate of 90%.

    • 1 replacement tip if service fail to profit
    • Average odds of 1.80
  • 750 / TIP

    Fixed Odds Experts

    Average odds of 1.80 based on Fixed Odds.
    Average winning rate of 95%.

    • 1 replacement tip if service fail to profit
    • Average odds of 1.90
  • 350 / TIP

    Total Goals Experts

    Average odds of 1.80 based on Total Goals.
    Average winning rate of 90%.

    • 1 replacement tip if service fail to profit
    • Average odds of 1.80
  • 5000 / TIP

    Correct Score Experts

    Average odds of 6.0 and above based on Score cast.
    Average winning rate of 99%.

    • 1 replacement tip if service fail to profit
    • Average odds of 6.0 and above



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frequently ask questions

Q: How do I know if your records are genuine and the tips are consistent and reliable?
A: We are independently monitored and verified by Our tips are monitored in their data base and we need to achieve to the certain criteria to be an approved and verified tipster.

Q: What time will I be getting the tips after payment?
A: Once payment is verified and approved, you will automatically receive the tips to your registered email (please check your junk mail too). VIP members can also request for tips to be sent directly to your mobile phone.

Q: What are your guarantees?
A: Our guarantees are straight forward and easy to understand. If by any unfortunate case where tip fails to profit, we will replace you with the next tip at absolutely no charge. We do not rip you off, we work closely with our client hand in hand and understands from cases to cases.

Q: Do you offer any trial tips?
A: Sorry! We never practice free trial. Consistency and reliability are calculated in a long run. We have a large membership base and members are increasing everyday. We only entertain serious investors and if you are looking for free tips, you have came to the wrong place. We do not want to waste your time and you wasting our time.

Q: What is your success rate?
A: The success rate is reflected on our record page. You can take your time and monitor until you are ready and comfortable with our form before joining us.

Q: What payment type do you accept?
A: We accept Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, Moneygrams and selected local bank transfers for most of the countries in Asia.

Q: Is there any other payment methods?
A: Please contact us or email us at for more payment methods.

Soccer betting expert tips make winners

Fixing football matches has become a norm. Bookmakers fix matches to make profit. Coaches and players are involved in fixing bets and there is no way bettors can come to know about fixed matches. But we have all the information as we have insiders in teams and in betting syndicates. We get inside information on which matches are fixed and for this reason we are able to provide soccer betting expert tips. The tips come directly from experts and go to bettors.

Rely on soccer betting expert tips and not on your findings

Winners are our members because it is difficult to become a winner without getting inside information on fixed matches. We can give inside information on fixed matches and in this way help bettors be winners. We get our fee for the service and bettors get rewards that could be in millions. If you want to enjoy soccer betting then become our member and enjoy risk free betting to the full. For soccer betting expert tips, you need filling our online form to provide us your contact details and paying our fee.

Paid soccer tips is a paid way to win bets

Once your contact details are verified and your payment is received, your mobile number will be registered for sending tips. We send tips one or two hours before matches start as it is inside information.. Paid soccer tips have inside information. They are certain as the tips are formed from the information sourced from insiders. With every tip, you will get an opportunity to win a bet. Winning a bet can make you a millionaire.

Fix your bets with paid soccer tips

We provide paid soccer tips that are guaranteed to succeed. There is no way you will lose your bet after following our advice as we provide tips only after verifying the information provided by insiders. Every tip comes with a guarantee of success from our team. Tips are provided only after getting payment. No free tips are provided and also there is no trail of our tips as they are guaranteed. Join our winning team and become a winner in soccer bets. Spending a meager sum on buying the tips will make you rich man in coming days.

Soccer Betting Expert

Soccer betting experts one of the leading soccer betting tips provider site in all over the world. For exact soccer betting expert tips user required to fill the form and pay the fee to connect with soccer betting expert.

Once the payment and registration verified this site constantly send you the betting tips as well as guidelines. On an expert betting tip it offers inside information regarding fixed matches and through this way helps the bettors to become winners. With each and every tip of soccer betting expert, you will get an opportunity to win a bet. By winning a bet you can be a millionaire.

Soccer bet expert also offers different packages with its experts like Asian Handicap tips, Total Goals, fixed odds, correct score and so on.

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